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Motorhome pitches

If you are travelling by motorhome, our facilities are excellent for stops along the way, whether you are on the move and just want a safe place to spend the night, or if you wish to stop for a few days.   

Our facilities on the west coast offer different possibilities: a woody spot by on the shores of a lake, a “caravan parking spot” close to the city, Quickstop on your way through, Super comfort pitch by the sea or a specially designed motorhome pitch. We can promise that our facilities offer something for everyone.

Here you can find a compilation of our facilities on the west coast that offer special motorhome pitches and/or particular pricing:

Quickstop: Offered at several locations and means that you stay at a reduced rate if you check in after 9 pm, and check out before 9 am. The perfect choice when you are travelling and want to find a quick and safe stop for the night.  


Motorhome pitches: Several of our facilities have over the last few years prepared specially designed hardstanding motorhome pitches with electric connection as well as water and sewage in many places.

Motorhome parking: Some of our facilities offer motorhome parking, a separate area for parking/overnight stay for motorhomes for a shorter time. Access to waste disposal and water refill. Accessible 24 hours, however you do not always have free access to the service building, washing up facility, activities etc. at the campsite.  


Wastewater disposal station: More or less all facilities on the west coast offer wastewater disposal for motorhome guests. Here you can easily empty your fixed tank and fill up with water.

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