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Welcome to the west coast

Welcome to the west coast and 50 campsites between Strömstad to the north and Laholm to the south. Stay at campsites in caravans, modern cottages or in a room at one of our youth hostels.

Web TV

Come along as the travel show ‘Gone Camping’ travels by caravan to one of Sweden’s most popular camping destinations – Halland.

Would you like to get a good general view of which campsite best suits your needs? Here we have also compiled Web TV episodes from the west coast and our campsites.


Campsites in Halland

Would you like to stay on the coast of Halland? Feel the fresh sea breeze, walk along the beach and enjoy the splendour.


Campsites in Gothenburg

There are many adventures to experience in Gothenburg, called the nicest city in Sweden by many. Visit Gothenburg throughout the year.


Campsites in Bohuslän

The most popular locations and destinations lie like a string of pearls along the west coast. Find the saltiest waters and freshest shellfish, unique places with a rich history and culture.

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